Pigmentation & Age Spots

Organica skin care has great products for reducing pigmentation & age spots.

Active Gel Cleanser for acne skin with pigmentation from old acne scars.

Deep Pore Clarifying Cleanser for oily skin with large pores & reduces old red acne scars

Multi Fruit Cleanser for combination non sensitive – dry with sun damage reduce pigmentation.

Anti aging Cleanser normal – dry to reduce sun damage & age spots.

Anti aging Cream oily – dry skin brightens skin, reduces age spots & sun damage, strongest lift & tightening cream.

Age Spot Cream normal to dry skin specifically to light suborn pigmentation & age spots

Glycolic Face Lift Cream normal – dry non sensitive sun damaged skin, recifying night cream, firms, lifts & tightens

Lift + 20 % vitamin C serum all skin, reduces sun damage, brightens skin, reduces lines & wrinkles.

Lemon Ferment Peel leave on exfoliatant apply leave on  to reduce pigmentation & age spots. Apply serum & cream.

Clarifying Facial Scrub for combination – dry skin with beads, enzymes & glycolic

Whitening Mask lightens pigmentation & brightens skin oily – dry skin.

Pumpkin Mask exfoliates, smooths dry dead skin cells away, brightens & evens skin tone,
for oily- dry non sensitive skin.

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